Shape the future of an ‘always learning’ store promotion solution for multi-site food operators.

Store Performance is offering multi-site Quick Service Restaurants, coffee and convenience chains and their franchisees the opportunity to shape the future of an ‘always learning’ store promotion solution for multi-site food operators.

Many operators are now experiencing operational changes on a site by site and weekly basis. With each contextual change, historic data and scheduled content can no longer provide optimal promotion. Store Performance will change this with its Store Analysis Machine Artificial Intelligence (SAM AI) solution.

This Innovate UK co-funded project will research and develop SAM AI to analyse multiple data feeds including weather, footfall, sales and stock to optimise digital promotions in-store, via loyalty apps, on social media and programmable digital out of home.

The team led by industry veteran Tim Butler and Andy Hogg are joined by customer experience and artificial intelligence specialists. Store Performance are creating an industry team of data, data insight and technology partners to support this complex, innovative project.

“In the midst of the current uncertainty, securing this Innovate UK grant offers us the opportunity to work with multi-site food organisations to contextualise their in-store promotions to each location.”  says Tim Butler, Director of Store Performance. “As we recruit franchisors, franchisees and multi-brand franchisees to the project, we will create an innovative technology and provide research that will help the industry recover as we move through the pandemic and to the other side”.

Participants from marketing and operations will have a one-to-one interview for an hour and take part in a focus group as part of our project discovery.

Details of the project and an application form can be found at

The Store Analysis Machine Artificial Intelligence project started on 1st November 2020 and completes 28th February 2022.

About Store Performance

Real time in-store promotion experts formed to help Quick Service Restaurants, Coffee Chains and Convenience Stores improve their Customer Experience using the latest digital technology.

Store Analysis Machine (SAMTM)  is a revenue enhancing technology that promotes the most effective product using current context in each and every Quick Service Restaurant and Food Retail store.

Store Analysis Machine Artificial Intelligence (SAM AITM) is an ‘always learning’ solution that combines multiple data insights to produce optimal promotion in each store. This is an Innovate UK co-funded project.

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