SAM AI gains Machine Learning Development Lead

We are very happy to welcome Niaz Chowdhury to our Store Analysis Machine Artificial Intelligence (SAM AI) project co-funded by InnovateUK.

The project emphasises strong academic collaborations with possibilities of recruiting one or two summer interns from the UK universities and funding collaborators to publish in highly reputed open access journals. We’ll be in touch with UK academics and researchers for exploring potential opportunities soon. We aim to create a synergy of related research around this project to get the best out of it.

Niaz is a highly experienced computer scientist, with over 15 years’ practical and research experience in the field of knowledge management and machine learning.

He completed his PhD. In Computer Science in 2015 at the University of Glasgow and moved to the Open University in Milton Keynes leading research topics as part of the MK:Smart and Strategic Science initiatives. He is currently participating in the EU funded research initiatives DEL4ALL and QualiChain whilst at the Knowledge Media Institute.

Niaz has published 24 academic papers on computer science related topics and authored/edited 3 books including has latest “Inside Blockchain, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies” published in September 2019.

He has been awarded numerous academic scholarships and awards for his undergraduate and postgraduate work. His latest work has contributed to the COVID-19 Antibody Test Certification, publishing work on the app architecture in April on ‘arXiv’ and in the IEE Open Journal of Engineering during April 2020.

Niaz comments “SAM AI allows QSR, coffee and convenience chains to understand and react to insight at the time it matters, now! The complexity of the problem, the understanding of multiple data insights and the scale of the customer estates offers exciting revenue generating possibilities.”