Help shape contextual in-store promotion that will boost dine-in revenue in 2022

As we move out of lockdown and more dine-in options become available to guests, a chance to optimise their experience through contextual digital menus and promotions is now available for fast food, coffee, or convenience chains through Store Analysis Machine (SAM).

Contextual promotion driven by weather, events and other data sources has been seen to be more welcoming, modern, current and of better quality, and can help you optimise your promotions and thus revenue across your estate.

In addition, Store Performance are developing Store Analysis Machine Artificial Intelligence (SAM AI) that will be an ‘always learning’ solution that combines multiple data insights to produce optimal promotion in each store utilising your current investment in digital menus, kiosks and drive-thru.

Store Performance has won a Innovate UK smart grant to develop SAM AI and has gathered an exciting team of academic, data and industry partners to deliver this project.

To help shape this product, they are now recruiting system owners and their franchisees marketing & operations specialists to take part in a one-hour discovery interviews and a one-hour focus group.

Tim Butler, Director Store Performance said “Customer input at this stage of the project is essential to allow us to develop SAM AI to be as useful and profitable as possible for system owners and their franchisees.”

If you would like to be involved, please click here