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ease • quality • experience
Regular Goals, Easy Growth
Deepening customer relationships for accountants, bookkeepers and business advisers.

Accountants and business advisers can improve their success rates through regular customer contact by setting and measuring easy-to-understand goals that promote growth.

Use SME Clutch to set specific and measurable goals, ensuring monthly accounts updates, one click synchronisation with Xero and then sharing progress with your customers.


  • Improve your best customer relationships with consistent and frequent communication.
  • Schedule monthly check-ins to assess progress and adjust goals.
  • Lighter touch ideal for busy or less sophisticated customers.


  • Success is driven by proven goals and clear measures.
  • Specific, measurable, achievable goals increase motivation and a sense of accomplishment.
  • Provide clear instructions and resources for customers to achieve their goals.


  • A 15 minute goal setting consultation that increases the opportunity for success.
  • Simplifying jargon for sophisticated and less sophisticated customers.
  • Designed to make difficult to understand financial targets, clear and readable.


  • Monitoring progress to adjust goals and strategies for continued growth.
  • Encourage customers to take calculated risks and discover new opportunities.
  • Regular updates increase bookkeeping and advisory fees.

Regular goals, easy growth

  • Regular monthly check-ins with your customers.
  • Smart goals to make better businesses.
  • Easy to understand measures.
  • Grow their business and yours.