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Why Us?

Store Analysis Machine
Artificial Intelligence (SAM AI)

SAM AI is an ‘always learning’ solution that combines multiple data insights to produce optimal promotion in each store.

We have limited places for customers to help define, build and utilise this revolutionary revenue enhancing technology.

SAM AI is an ‘always learning’ solution that combines multiple data insights to produce optimal promotion in each store.

What is SAM AI?

SAM AI is an ‘always learning’ solution that combines multiple data insights to produce optimal promotion in each store.

There are huge amounts of data available to store owners through their demand management platforms and other sources that provide insight that could be actioned in store and on digital through a contextual rules engine. Factor in the influence of multiple data streams, how they work together and how they enhance and reduce revenue, it is almost impossible to analyse what is required to optimise promotions on a store by store without an intelligent solution. On top of that, understanding and attributing success and failure to differing promotions becomes almost impossible using conventional approaches.

SAM AI will be able to crunch all of this, allow for and offer complex, in-store rules sets to Store Analysis Machine (SAM).

SAM is an in-store service that measures, monitors and captures data from multiple sources, and then analyses the data to promote product in and out of the store.

How does SAM AI benefit my business?

  • Increase shopper conversion.
  • Improve cross-sell / up-sell.
  • Customer satisfaction / loyalty.
  • Improve advertising effectiveness.
  • Demographic profiling.
  • Customised customer experience.
  • Real time actionable insights.
  • Improved customer data.
  • Simple to use, easy to deploy.
  • Maximise your current investment in Digital Media.

How can I get involved?

There are limited places available to be involved with this exciting project. We are seeking a lead customer and further discovery customers to help us shape the world beating product.

  • 3 x Multi-Site or System Owners with a minimum of 50 sites
  • 3 x 10+ sites Franchisees
  • 3 x 10+ sites Multi-brand Franchisees

Discovery Customer

  • Help specify core functionality through interviews (Senior Management).
  • Work with others in online focus groups to work through the detailed operations and interfaces (Marketing and Operational Staff).
  • Research Updates
  • Discounted First Year License
  • Promotional opportunity through association with a revolutionary technology.
  • Discounted 1-year SAM AI License

Lead Customer

  • Be first to experience SAM AI on your estate
  • Discounted 3-year SAM AI License
  • 1-year exclusivity in your food segment
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Can I partner this project?

We are currently seeking data partners.

If you have a supply of real time, site and customer feeds that can be used to provide insight to QSR or Food retail customers, we would be interested to hear from you.

We are offering:

  • Help specify core functionality through interviews (Senior Management).
  • Research Updates
  • Equipment provision
  • Prototype Evaluation
  • Site Trials Involvement
  • Promotional opportunity
in return for access to your data and services.

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World class team to deliver

Store Performance has brought together an exciting team of academic, data and industry partners to help deliver the SAM AI project - these include:

  • The UK’s foremost academics in statistical optimisation and commercial application of artificial intelligence.
  • The worlds’ leading non-government provider of weather forecasting.
  • A leading data supplier detecting and verifying millions of events across the world.
  • The leading supplier of demographic measurement technology.
  • Industry leading digital signage management solution provider

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